What is TRE?

Do you feel that you could release more physical tension? Do you have difficulty finding words for what you feel, but would like to physically release without having to tell your ‘story’?

TRE is effective in reducing stress and unresolved emotions that can arise from life experiences. During a stressful event, the body automatically chooses to protect itself by a high level of alertness (fight or flight) or it chooses to freeze. Among animals you will see that this stress level is then released by shaking / trembling, whereby the animal neutralizes itself.

Human beings also have this automatic response of the body, “My legs were shaking” is something that is often heard after an intensely stressful experience. But we see this as an undesirable effect, a sign of weakness (they might think I’m afraid) and try to suppress it as much as possible. Because we do not release the charge, we unconsciously build chronic muscle tension that we start to feel in our body in other ways, for example, unexplained pain or insomnia.

TRE, a method developed by David Berceli, teaches you exercises that help the body to allow it’s natural repair mechanism to be used. It helps us to literally shake the tension out, so that we can recover from the symptoms of stress in the body. Once learned, you can easily use this technique at home.

You can participate in an introduction workshop to TRE (in Dutch) or find a group of at least 6 people to have the workshop in English. Then you are welcome to join group sessions:  Schedule of classes

Watch the  video of Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE) on VIMEO