Yoga Therapy

Painful shoulders, neck, or (lower) back? Would you like to walk more upright? Are you curious about exercises that help you to move more freely?

The posture of the upper back, shoulders and neck while we are sitting or standing, combined with stress, often give rise to complaints. Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy provides physical exercises that can improve the position of the spine and which also have a calming effect on our state of mind. We learn to relax those muscles that we unconsciously tighten. When working from relaxation you can become more aware of your own movement patterns and work towards restoring mobility and strength.

During the exercises, you also get an insight into your mental approach towards effort, such as: “I should be able to do this” or “I want it to be over quickly”. This way you can allow yourself to create space for a new approach. By also practicing at home, you learn how you can positively influence your posture and health.

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