#1: My journey in TRE

David Bercelli surrounded by Lucie van Leeuwen (grey shirt), Daan Timmers (pink legging) and myself (in blue)

What is my background in TRE?

I got to know about TRE, about 4 years ago. My great friend and colleague Lucie van Leeuwen introduced me to TRE and I was amazed how the tremors arise naturally from my body. I was struck by a feeling of freedom, playfulness and joy that my body had a way to express itself without me consciously directing or intervening its movements.

In september 2011, I joined the level 1 training in Amsterdam and my journey as a TRE practitioner begun. Deva Laya Guleng supervised my level 1 certification, Riccardo Cassiani Ingoni supervised my level 2 certification. Furthermore I could receive trainings of David Berceli in Austria, twice. And I assisted level 1 trainings of Steve Haines in London, twice. During my training in TRE I had a chance to meet great people from all over the world, sharing the TRE experience.

What effect did TRE have on me (before my pregnancy)?

Going through my own process during the training, I learned to trust my body to know how to release its tension by itself. I felt more relaxed emotionally and mentally, more grounded in my body. I enjoyed the possibility to always have a moment to release using TRE, even for 5 minutes, some of the tension I felt building up inside during the day. Also looking at so many other peoples bodies shake, it made me humble to the wisdom that all of our bodies have, to always find a way back to liveliness, energy and (as David often says) back to pulsation.

After about one year implementing TRE in my life, my husband told me….you never have these panic attacks anymore. I used to call them PMS syndrome, but indeed, I had these attacks of a feeling of being trapped in my work, house, relationships…. and this could burst out into tears, sleepless nights, (internal) fights. And they had disappeared completely! On one occasion, I had a TRE session where I could afterwards clearly recall the actual trauma that my body released. I was having big, reoccurring movements of my body, trying to stretch itself to the maximum and then collaps at times. David assisted me going through these movements and asked me if I could recall a memory that went with it, but I didn’t at the time of the tremors. But afterwards, when my body relaxed, I felt a deep sadness and I cried….feeling alone. Then the memory of my childhood came back to me, having astma and attacks of not being able to breath! David was there to sit with me and let the grief of my body come out to have struggled for life. I felt amazed by the detailed memory my body has.

Then, when I begun to give introduction workshops TRE to people, my fear of public speaking and the fact that my voice got very soft during teaching….it changed completely. As of today, I still feel exited to practice my TRE and feel enthusiastic every time I teach. As I am curious about more research being done to also scientifically proof its effects, I talk to other researchers and organizations to find ways to gather more insights and more people will be able to benefit from it. And then……I got pregnant!

This is my personal story about TRE during pregnancy and childbirth….