#6 TRE during birth

I would like to share my story of how TRE helped me giving birth to our son Rio. I think many women could benefit if they know about this natural shaking mechanism to release tension from the body. During the birth process this mechanism of neurogenic tremors often turns on automatically, which, if you just let it shake I experienced to be of great help during the birth process.

TRE while pregnantWe were hoping to give birth at home with the assistance of our midwife. We therefore prepared our house with extras to help us to go through the hours of the birth process. We played music, I used a yoga swing to be able to stretch and support my body and I was listening to meditative tunes while relaxing on a ball. But most of all, having learned TRE before giving birth and being familiar with the neurogenic tremoring of my body helped me to trust the birth process and stay tuned to my body.

The first waves started during the evening on the 6th of January 2015, but it took 20 hours before Rio was born. Right from the start, my waves already came every 3 minutes. I noticed my body started to shake automatically and the movements were concentrated around the pelvic aeria. Knowing about TRE, helped me to allow the neurogenic tremors to shake my body and doing so to be able to let go pain and trust my body to know what to do. During the night I could tremor during a wave, fall asleep for 1 minute and then it would start again… My husband and our midwife were of great support. They let me shake and shake in different positions…

Pregnancy books tell you it is possible that your body starts to tremor during or after giving birth, but to use this natural shaking mechanism as TRE does, is never thought in pregnancy classes, but I would say, it is a must that both partners are familiar with the shaking that can occur, and to be able to use it as a method of relaxation.

Time passed by, shaking and breathing….during the last hour before Rio was born one of my legs were shaking non stop with the midwife supporting my left foot. And then there he was, our son, Rio! Immediately forgetting about pain and only enjoying this new life!IMG_0141

I feel that having practiced TRE before giving birth and having experienced the neurogenic tremors allowed me to deliberately use them during birth to stimulate not only muscular relaxation, pain reduction and staying connected to my body. But I feel the tremors also naturally helped with pelvic opening and post birth recovery. My pelvic floor always used to be tight, and Rio was almost 4 kilos, but I did not need to be cut or stitched at all.

The TRE organization can’t give a ‘professional recommendation’ to use TRE during pregnancy and birth simply because there hasn’t been research done yet…But I personally think a key benefit for first time birthing women is that TRE offers one of the only ways for women to begin to experience their body moving and contracting and shaking on it’s own, and being able to learn and practice trusting the body’s processes before the birth. TRE is all about learning to regulate the intensity of the tremoring so it is not overwhelming and not a new experiencing during the birth process. Thus I would recommend for women, partners and midwives to learn TRE before the birth process.

If then, all women allowing the tremoring during the pregnancy and birth would (video) document their experiences, we can generate information for other women on how to safely use neurogenic tremors to guide us through the birth process. Please contact me if you would like to participate!IMG_0009