Workshops around the season

Spring Festival? Winter Blues? Summer Joy? Autumn Splendour?

We can observe the coming and going of the seasons very specifically in nature. Each season has its’ own character, colour and rhythm. These workshops give inspiration to reflect on the impact that the energy of each season has on you. There is expansion in the spring and summer, there are new buds on the trees, and everything comes to full bloom. In autumn and winter there is withdrawal, the leaves fall from the trees, it becomes more dark and cold. We tend to place these changes outside ourselves. Yet we often find that the changing of the seasons can have an effect on our physical and mental state. Our thoughts, feelings and physical body also go through the spring, summer, autumn and winter. We as people are not separate from nature; we are a part of it. In today’s society we are trying to be active, productive and outgoing the whole year round.

But can we as human beings constantly focus our energy outward, as if it is continually spring and summer time? This often leads to stagnation and erosion (or burnout). During the seasonal workshops we learn exercises from yoga, shiatsu, breathing exercises, meditation and talk about nutrition that matches the energy of each season. You can then apply these new insights and exercises directly into your daily life. These workshops are offered in various forms at different locations.