My method

NienjaBrouwerTREBeing healthy and staying healthy is important for everyone. In order to facilitate optimal health, I search for methods that can easily be applied in daily life. There is a method, or rather a way of life, to suit every single person and my aim is to guide you there.

Prevention is better than cure; this attitude is very important to me. It was what motivated me to study Health Sciences. I combine my knowledge of oriental medicine with the western perspective of health, relating your health to environmental factors (such as work, relationships, the environment and nutrition). I am continually deepening my knowledge in the studies of shiatsu, yoga massage, critical alignment yoga, Tension Releasing Exercises, reiki, somatic yoga teachings, hammock yoga and nutrition.

To re-balance the body after experiencing a lot of stress, such as after a (traffic) accident, an illness or any other intense life situation (high work pressures, relationship tensions, etc.)  I often work with Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE), shiatsu massage therapy and yoga therapy. The fact that every person is unique requires that treatments are suited to the individual. I combine theoretical knowledge and sensitivity from various disciplines to see what suits your specific situation. Together, we can find what works for you the best so that you (re)learn what you can do for yourself to help you to feel healthy and energetic again.

I look forward to meeting you!